ViralPDF Silver Edition

ViralPDF Silver Edition 2.0

Compact and useful utility to rebrand and customize your PDF e-books
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ViralPDF Silver Edition allows you to rebrand your PDF e-books so that you can promote your products and services in a more flexible way. With this tiny compact tool, you can add promotional texts, mailto links, URLs pointing at the right place, and even let your clients rebrand all these elements by themselves... or not.

The main idea behind this tool is two-fold - to allow you to either rebrand your PDF brochures and e-books yourself or to leave them "open", so that your clients or affiliates rebrand them in a more customized way. Thus, you can select which elements in the PDF file will be "rebrandable", and these include pretty much all the interactive elements in the document. E-mail addresses can be set to open the default e-mail client with your address (or any other) in the destination box. Hyperlinks can be set to point to the desired URL or document, and their appearance can be fully customized. Thus, you can set as hyperlinks those which went unnoticed during the conversion of the source document into PDF, or declare as non-clickable URLs that were considered as hyperlinks by default also during the conversion process.

The resulting rebrandable PDF file can be easily edited by any of your clients with a ViralPDF license. You can even protect your PDF files using standard Adobe protection methods and still allow other users to rebrand them, even when they have been encrypted. You will end up with a compact single PDF file that you can distribute easily among your clients. They will be allowed to preview it before rebranding it, make the necessary changes, and distribute a fully customized new PDF document.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Produces a compact single file for its easy distribution
  • Allows you to decide which elements can be rebranded and which cannot
  • Corrects some of the hyperlink-related mistakes that conversion to PDF may sometimes produce


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